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The Media Technology Found in the 2018 Lincoln MKZ

When you want to enjoy music whenever you drive and understand the importance of a quality audio system, the Lincoln MKZ has everything you need. This luxury sedan uses some of the latest technology to enhance your listening and driving experiences.

The Revel Audio system is designed with performance in mind.

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The Lincoln MKC is Strategically Designed

The Lincoln MKC has features that increase safety in a very practical way. If you drive this automobile through Davenport during the day or night, these features will help you avoid accidents on risky roads and populated highways.

While traveling on streets with a lot of traffic in the MKC, you'll easily spot other cars in the surroundings. If a vehicle gradually rolls up along the side of the MKC, the side mirrors will help you maintain a high level of awareness. 

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Knowing the Difference Between Front-Wheel and Rear-Wheel Drive Vehicles

Before you purchase your next vehicle, you should know whether it is a front-wheel or rear-wheel-drive vehicle. There are differences between the two that can impact your driving and maintenance.

Rear-wheel drive cars are usually more expensive than front-wheel drive cars. Building a rear-wheel car is costlier and requires more parts spread out over the vehicle. This same design also results in better vehicle balance on the road. 

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The High-Performance Lincoln MKT

The 2019 Lincoln MKT is one of the most popular crossovers on the road. Lincoln is a name that's long been associated with luxury, and for good reason. This vehicle features the best, whether it's sleek interior design or performance features.

The 2019 MKT features a muscular twin turbo-charged V6 engine. It can generate a powerful 365 HP, and up to 350 lb-ft of torque. Not only is this vehicle strong, it's also surprisingly efficient. 

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What Convenience Factors Have Technology Added in the Lincoln MKZ?

When looking for the perfect car, purchasers often look to added convenience items as the deciding factor. The Lincoln MKZ has several technological advance features that considered convenience factors.

At the base level, the Lincoln MKZ offers technological convenience features as standard equipment that are options for other vehicles. Security tech products such as keyless entry, a digital keypad locking program...

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Let the 2019 Lincoln MKC Take You Places

The 2019 Lincoln MKC is a crossover that welcomes you when you walk up to it with smart technologies and stylish features that set it apart from the pack. From cabin lighting to match your mood to approach detection, this is a vehicle built to impress.

Autofolding power side mirrors that fold up when you leave your car and unfold when you get in is just the beginning of this vehicle's smart technology.

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Powerful Performance from the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

Those who enjoy driving a mid-sized luxury vehicle will find the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid to be a car with a beautiful exterior and interior. Those who want a hybrid vehicle for the outstanding gas mileage will quickly discover that the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid provides good gas mileage and all the features of the gas-powered MKZ.

The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid makes an estimated 41 mpg in city driving. Even with a hybrid engine, this version of the MKZ has the same starting price as the gas-powered version of the MKZ. 

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When Belts and Hoses Crack: What To Do

There are a lot of belts and hoses on vehicles. Hoses are the parts through which liquids such as coolants, brake fluids, and gasoline are sent to various parts of the vehicle. Belts do things like maintain synchronization between various components and deliver power to other parts. But they can crack and even break through wear.

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