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What Convenience Factors Have Technology Added in the Lincoln MKZ?

When looking for the perfect car, purchasers often look to added convenience items as the deciding factor. The Lincoln MKZ has several technological advance features that considered convenience factors.

At the base level, the Lincoln MKZ offers technological convenience features as standard equipment that are options for other vehicles. Security tech products such as keyless entry, a digital keypad locking program...

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Let the 2019 Lincoln MKC Take You Places

The 2019 Lincoln MKC is a crossover that welcomes you when you walk up to it with smart technologies and stylish features that set it apart from the pack. From cabin lighting to match your mood to approach detection, this is a vehicle built to impress.

Autofolding power side mirrors that fold up when you leave your car and unfold when you get in is just the beginning of this vehicle's smart technology.

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Powerful Performance from the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

Those who enjoy driving a mid-sized luxury vehicle will find the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid to be a car with a beautiful exterior and interior. Those who want a hybrid vehicle for the outstanding gas mileage will quickly discover that the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid provides good gas mileage and all the features of the gas-powered MKZ.

The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid makes an estimated 41 mpg in city driving. Even with a hybrid engine, this version of the MKZ has the same starting price as the gas-powered version of the MKZ. 

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What is a Timing Belt?

Although the timing belt is housed in its own compartment, it’s an integral part of working with the engine so that it has the power it needs to operate the camshaft and crankshaft. The timing belt provides a crucial aspect of the rest of the engine’s parts working properly. It’s important to keep up on regular maintenance in this area of your vehicle.

The crankshaft is the part that supplies power to the other parts of the engine. 

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Lincoln MKX's Technology Shines

In the world of crossover vehicles, the popular Lincoln MKX shines among the crowd. Among the Lincoln MKX’s great features are the advancements in technologically that make this one sweet ride.

Drivers can stay connected to their new Lincoln MKX with the Lincoln Way App. This app, with connection to the MKX, allows drivers to unlock and start the vehicle remotely, call for roadside assistance and make parking reservations at important venues in advance.

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Maintain Lights for Roadside Emergency Safety

Keeping a vehicle in good condition reduces the chances of it breaking down, but it still happens. It's important to stay safe during a roadside emergency. One safety tip is regular car light maintenance.

It's a good idea to check lights periodically. Even when lights are working, you need to make sure headlights are aimed correctly. Also, make sure turn signals and break lights on both sides work properly. 

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Towing Safety Tips You Should Know

Towing is usually part of something fun, whether you're towing bikes, ATVs, a boat or vacation equipment. Not following good towing safety can quickly take the fun out of your trip. We at Strieter Motor Co offer a full line of towing supplies and can also offer from helpful tips to get the most out of your towing experience.

When towing, always follow these simple towing tips.

  • Make sure all lights, turn signals and brakes are working properly.
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